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Moving Forward

 | Published on 5/18/2016

As many have seen over the past years the Colorado Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs has lost some momentum.  We are in a phase with Social Media that makes it harder to maintain membership as well as grow.  While some of our Clubs have experienced growth in the recent years, there are many that have lost members as well as some that cease to exist now.


            COA4WDCI will be trying and implementing new ideas to try and find something that works for the betterment of not only the COA4WDCI, but that of the entire OHV Community.  We hope that through these new ideas we can stop the hemorrhaging that the clubs have been seeing, in hopes of reviving the great community that we are.  We hope that everyone agrees that we need to do something to change; we can’t afford to not do anything.


We will be setting up a survey to gather everyone’s input on what they would like to see change in hopes of making COA4WDCI and all Clubs better. So PLEASE take the time to fill it out! 

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